Thursday, January 1, 2015

Joshua - Opens Your Mind 1969 (Rockadelic Lp)

Lets start this year off with a blast.!. This band is still unfortunetly under the radar for reasons that I for one can not understand. You have a really H E A V Y band that has good songs and is as great as say Josefus and Stone garden to name a few. Folks have merely missed this killer album so I'm reposting it here on the blog (It's a vinyl rip of the Rockadelic album). This album needs a proper reissuing as well. Things have taken up for these rarer underground bands in the last years which is very encouraging. These guys were friends with Blue Cheer and could have with ease toured with them as a worthy act, probably even out playing Blue Cheer.... Well download it and spread the word and please feel free to use this music in your own blogs etc. Have a kick Ass 2015

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Stack Attack Volume 5 (Rare Underground Hard, Heavy rock gems from the 70,s Underground)

Here is an new instalment of this compilation series and it's a damn good one if I say so myself (and I ofcourse do...) Here you have a bunch of rare hard, heavy rock tunes that have caught my fancy and which have been in heavy rotation here at the Heavypsychmanblog headquaters for awhile now.. It's like a distilation of the best and heaviest goodies that rival the more known greats, who just missed the boat due to various reasons (or in several cases didn't).
Bless the underground for giving them another lease on life. Have a blast folks and thanks for another kick ass underground year and I wish you all the best and lets make 2015 even better or as great this year. What we all need is a underground music variant of say spotify or similar.. yes I know Utube is doing it currently but I think you understand my point. Rock on to the music folks!! Now Get ya compilation ya all!

Featured bands;

Adam Wind
Dias De Blues
Coloured Balls
Five By Five
Flying Wedge
Highway (NZ)
Micheal Turner In Session
Ohlssons Grova
Pajaro Y La Murga Del Rock And Roll
Peace And Quiet
Vikings Invasion

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Träd Gräs och Stenar - Live at Gärdet Stockholm 1970

Swedish psychedelia legends in their own right even before they formed this band. These guys had their roots in SWE psychedelic avantgarde bands like Mecki Mark Men Mk1, Pärsson Sound, International Harvestor. These guys were SWE art school avantgardists who had a special love for minimalist repetive droning artists of the 1960s. Their aspirations where to be avantgarde minimalist band, yet in some way their jazz and psychedelic influences affected their music, and it all became more of a crude raw avantgarde/jazz/SF psychedelic rock hybrid, specially with their cruder rawer than Blue Cheer sound. Their real people vibe shines always through their music and these guys define the SWE real people hippies of the day.., in other words a more organic nature loving vibe with their feet firmly in the soil, this ofcourse combined with that simple minimalist anti materialistic  approach. Here you have a live tape released by subliminal sounds records, of their free festival gig at Festen på Gärdet 1970 (Party at Gärdet) a real people underground free festival in Stockholm organized by the band themselves.. See the movie of it on Utube. Have a raw crude real people trip.. Subliminal sounds still stocks this cd and a 2 Lp set get it.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Thunder And Roses - King Of The Black Sunrise (1969)

Hi ya all.. It's been awhile but don't worry we're back with  a blast. This is a kick ass album by a trio heavily into Hendrix and Cream.. We've heard that before.. These guys rivial those mentioned bands in premier musicianship and high quality sound and production. It's a mystery how these guys fell under the rader in the day.. Well in a sea of original acts, a tribute band kind of gets neglected.. But this is all killer or I'd would not have posted it. Enjoy it  Rock On 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

ZZ Top - Live Pensacola Florida 1970

Hello folks... Good to see you all again. This time you get a damn good n Heavy Live tape by Texas hombres ZZ Top. This Live tape is really HEAVY and damn good and diffrent to their more famous later stuff. I was initially blown away by the version of Neighbour neighbour here that is as heavy as say When the levee breaks of Led Zeppelin 4...that should say something and set the tone for this live recording, The sound can be a bit murky at times but that merely enhances the heavy vibe. Enjoy!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Coloured Balls - First supper Last (1972) released 1976

Lobby Loyde

Hello folks time for some bonza Aus rock once again. This is my favorite Lobby Loyde album. It's from the Wild Cherries/early Coloured Balls era when Lobby and crew still had long hair and hadn't gone into sharpie mode with mullets and skinhead attributes.. not my scene at all. This is good solid Australian Heavy hard rock with that rock n roll flavour which makes it so special. Most of you have heard GTK (get to know) videos from ABC television on youtube with great cuts like Working mans boogie and Mama likes to rock n roll so you know what to expect. In the day in 1972 the record company didn't release this album due to quote "thinking it was too raw and heavy".. Well to my ears it's a well produced and clear with a distintive progressive rock edge, so I'm not buying into that argument. What I think was the case, was that the lyrics have sexual and drug themes that might have rocked the boat in conservative Australia of the day.. Musically this is good quality rock and kicks a serious punch. These 1972 recordings were finally released in 1976 at the height of the bands success, merely to cash in. For my money I prefer this album to their others anyday. Have a blast and Rock On !

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family - My Ancestors 1974 (Zambia)

Paul Ngozi and Chrissy Zebby Tembo jamin' hard n HEAVY African style! yeah ..

Ja maan it's Afrika time.. Jokes aside we have a killer blast for July.. Well most African music is often funk och ethnic based and most of us gringos have little interest in that, so I didn't have high hopes for this album.. Well , we've all by now heard Witch and Amanaz both Heavy raw and damn good. Well I saw this album with this funky cool cat ghetto hombre on the cover and I thought.. pass.. that funk stuff doesn't fly with me (not my bag) Well I actually heard a song from the album by chance (Fisherman) and I was blown away by the raw Heavy basement sound and raw wild fuzz lead guitar courtesy of Paul Ngozi.. So intriged by this song I took to explore more n by crikey this album delivered the goods in a grand way and has been my most played album for a while now. The heavy crude basement sound, raw fuzz leads and great catchy song writing make this a keeper, Drummer/singer Chrissy Zebby Tembo sounds aprox like  an Afrikan Ozzy Osbourne that actually can sing! Must be heard to to be believed. It's his natural style. Best songs here are Fisherman, Troublemaker and Coffinmaker.. But the others are good and well crafted aswell. For me this is the top Zamrock album I have heard.. Yep they are from Zambia. Have an enjoyable blast folks!