Saturday, April 5, 2014

Endless Boogie - Focus Level (2008)

Here is a great underground band that has gone under the  radar of many of you. Endless Boogie is the band of underground record collector Paul Major.. a mover n shaker who has brought many of your fave rare records to wider attention back in the day before internet (respect to him for that alone!). Endless Boogie has released 5 or 6 albums ranging from TGS style longjam psych with German influences to downright long jam hardrock/boogie like on this album from 2008. You can notice different underground references in the music and one song here: "The Manly Vibe" sounds like Don Geres movie soundtrack Werevolves on wheels.. Pauls slightly Beefheartsque vocals might annoy you at first but the music will make you forget that fast. Enjoy this kick ass jam and check out their latest album Long Island. It's their hardest n rawest release to date.  Now go smoke figs in the back yard with Top Dollar.....

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mount Carmel - Real Woman (2012)

This is one of the most promising newer bands in the retro 70's Heavy hardrock genre I have heard. Here it's all about good well played Heavy rock music sans the usal posing which is the norm in this genre. The sound and vibe is pure 1970 -1972 and real warm n fuzzy. Musically this Ohio based trio is like say Dark on a Led Zep, Blue Cheer, Sabbath trip although this their 2nd album has a great James Gang quality and vibe. I've included the best two tracks of their debut here as well. A new album is out on the 25th of March and it has a few real mean HEAVY numbers too. Play loud n have a blast!!! Support them folks!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Les Goths - Reve De Silence (1968)

Yes it's a new month and a new goodie for you freaks of the wild, psychedelic n Heavy to drool over. Les Goths are a HEAVY garage band like say The Pretty Things on a Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced trip...Yes a interesting mix for sure... I'm not going to spoil the plot so that you can have a great blast yourself. I have loved their " Out of the Sun " single for a long time. This album is as good and won't disapoint. Have a Le Heavy psychedelic blast.. Peace out.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Stone Axe ( former Josefus) - Slave of fear/Snakebite (1971)

Hello and a heavy n kick ass 2014 folks! Lets start this year off with a crunchingly heavy blast.. Stone Axe came from the former members of Josefus a band most of you now know and cherish as the Monster HEAVY jugganaut of a band that they were (are they still play live now n than). Well nothing really changed but the sound got even heavier and crunchier than before.. This is one of the heaviest singles out there, up there with fellows Stone Gardem and their likes. Just 2 songs, but what songs.. I'll let you listen and have a blast. Rock On!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stone Garden - Oceans inside me/Assembly line/It's a beautiful day Ep 1969

Lets leave 2013 with a blast unlike anything else. A label called Guerssen is going to reissue the Rockadelic album from 1998 so I thought to save you folks money, I'd take the best and HEAVIEST tracks of that session and release it in this great digital  Ep format. This is not only Idahos heaviest psychedelic band, but even the whole worlds. This a Definete personal favorite and these tunes have rocked my boat many a year now Have a blast n enjoy the Xmas gift aswell folks

Friday, November 1, 2013

Heavypsych Explosion Volume 11

Wholey hell who would have thought another of these was even possible..But sure as winter it's here and it's as  Heavy and psychedelic as always. This is a cross section of the best and heaviest rare tunes that have come my way, which I've deemed  worthy to be shared through this compilation seres. Here you have a selection to guarnateed to fry your mind and blow a speaker or two. Have a blast and enjoy!

This volume contains songs by:

The Outsiders
Grand Theft 
Him and the others (1966 monster)
Björn Famne
Krzylof Klenczon
Gasolin' (heavy early tune)
Humble mud
Olssons Grova
Ron Wray Lightshow
Sphinx Tush
Spontanous Corruption
Telegraph Avenue
The Frost
The Vagrants (monster tune from 1966)
Baby Grandmothers 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Live At Sunbury 1972

The wild man of Australian rock whose wild guitar playing was matched by his monsterous vocals.. A total blast. Billy Thorpe started his career as a RnB 50's/60's pop chart wonder in AUS, but reinvented himself in the late 60's after taking a life altering LSD trip (kudos to him!). Billy teamed up first with Australian guitar legend (god) Lobby Loyde of Wild Cherries (go to Utube for amazing videos) and the cut The Hoax is over album in 1970. Later Billy decided to play guitar himself n rest is history. Billy Thorpe was always at his peak live on stage,and there after 2 live albums were released, of which this wild Sunbury show being the second one to be cut onto vinyl. Sunbury was AUS Woodstock and featured mainly local talent which at the time there was loads. The Aztecs, Wild Cherries/Coloured Balls were mainstays at Sunbury and became legends. Later AUS rock bands such as Rose Tattoo and AC/DC owe their existence to The Aztecs and Coloured Balls, yet rarely if ever is this mentioned (but u know it now) Play L-O-U-D and have a blast.