Friday, November 27, 2009


Yes finally the all new Heavy Psych Explosion Vol 6. Keeping up with previous volumes this is a collection of the Best and Heaviest undersground sounds of the late 60's and early 70's. The beautiful grainy cover photo features Captain Foam blasting away with his 4 stack amps with his drummer well hidden in the background. This photo really sets the mood for this compilation. I hope you all have a blast and get the reissues of the gems that are featured here.

This new volume contains following monsters:

Aguaturbia (Chile)
Captain Foam
Jun Kamikubo (Jap)
The Finchley Boys
Experiencia (Brazil)
The Jarvis Street Revue (Can)
Day Blindness
Brain Police
Baby Grandmothers (Swe)
Riders of the Mark
Cerebrum (Spa)

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All tracks Mp3's from Lp and Cd sources


  1. Any chance of volumes 3, 4, or 5? And what is the origin of these comps? Are they self-made? I cannot find them or anybody who knows anything about them. Just curious. Either way, some real cool stuff, on these.

  2. All these comps are made by myself because a few years back people were clueless to this music so I put together them. They were popular approx 300 - 400 downloads on each.

    I deleted the original Heavypsychman blog last year because I took it as long as I could, so all links were gone.

    I found a few Cdrs with vol 1 & 2 so I posted them because I noticed interest seems to be up again. And I had enough stuff for a new volume this one Vol 6

    I agree these underground comps kick most of the commercially available things like the Overdose of Heavypsych/Hardpsych series of Arf Arf rec's.

    Void recs has a interesting Psych Compilation on CD which I recomend it's closer to mine. Brain Hulitt of Void rec's is a Heavypsych fan, his resissues of Javis Street revue, Sainte Anthony's Fyre and Bolder Damn are great.


  3. Sorry that I missed the original incarnation of the blog! Good luck with this one. As far as newer comps go, I really enjoyed this year's FORGE YOUR OWN CHAINS: HEAVY PSYCHEDELIC BALLADS AND DIRGES 1968-1974, on Now-Again. Doesn't quite live up to the "heavy" and "dirges" tags, on most of the tracks, but there's still some incredible stuff (some obvious stuff, too, but that's all good). It has a real global feel, which is kind of unusual for many psych comps, so that was a welcome change of pace. Not sure of the particulars of your taste, but you should at least give it a go.

  4. I've seen that CD.. well okay Psych comp..most of those things go flat because of copyright problems etc. Me thinks it had Ellison (Can) on it.. track Strawberry Rain is a good song though. Give me a link for it.

    Thanks for ya comment


  5. I can't seem to post links in my comments, but I can't find any active ones, anyway. I was lucky enough to snag a 2xLP copy for like $14, at Chicago's Permanent Records, last week. Great deal. Too bad the Baby Grandmothers 2xLP was like $30+. Too rich for my blood. Anyway, yes--the Ellison song is on there, and it is good. Other highlights include Top Drawer's "Song of a Sinner," Ofege's "It's Not Easy," and Kourosh Yaghmaei's "Hajm-e Khaali."

    ...And thank YOU for what looks like a very promising blog! Keep up the good work, mate.

  6. Thanks for your comments

    Yes Reissue Vinyl is expensive due to small runs 300 - 500 and mark ups aswell.

    If you have links to good psych feel free to share them


  7. Hey Mik,

    NIce to find you again, it's been a long time. Glad you are back!
    Can't wait to hear this, I know it will be a gem.


  8. That picture is amazing. Gonna enjoy this Cap'n Foam..