Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rockadelic records Heavy psych sampler

Here you have a 10 song sampler/compilation of Rockadelic records Heaviest Heavy Psych bands. You get 2 of the best songs of each band.

This issue contains following bands:

BF Trike
Bolder Damn,
Bulbous Creation
Stone Garden

Have a blast folks!

Download from

all Mp3's from vinyl and CD sources


  1. Good luck and success with your new blog. Just as a suggestion, you would do
    describe the audio format, bitrate and existence of complete artwork or not.

  2. Notes taken

    Mp3's from Lp and Cd sources, Bitrate No idea, sounds good to my ears. No artwork on this one

    This blog will stay small but HEAVY like the old one I had years back.

    Best to you Old rocker BR

    Do you know anything about Heavy Brazilian early 70's band Experiencia? They will be on the coming Heavy Psych explosion compilation

  3. Just got the Stone Garden album for Christmas...thanks for posting that on your blog a year or so ago!

  4. Stone Garden LP/CD is a Xmas present to be proud of. Have a H E A V Y Xmas and thanks for ya comments.

    Rock On!