Friday, December 18, 2009

BF Trike & Hickory Wind (1971 & 1969)

It's time for a new post.. The old Heavypsychman blog never had BF Trike on it so this time around I thought I'd
post them and their great heavy psych album from 1971. This was actually Rockadelic records first release back in 1988.
To make this post more complete I included the pre BF Trike band Hickory wind and their sole rare folk psych album from 1969.
I hope you have a blast with this stuff.



  1. Hi, do you actually have the mp3 files for the one man band captain foam.....much appreciated if you do..all best for 2010

  2. I thought you had had B.F. Trike on the old blog. Either way, I haven't heard it yet, so thanks for the post!

  3. For Captain Foam single click picture at sidebar

    Have a good psychedelic 2010 aswell