Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fresh Blueberry Pancake - Heavy 1970

Heavy Psych monster piece again. This was originally a demo Lp made in 52 copies in a plain white sleeve. Shadoks reissued this with a ugly cartoon cover so I made this in my opinion more appropriate cover, simple but effective just like the music enclosed. (There's the cartoon cover in the link aswell if thats ya thing). Musically than... well take the band Betty but include real good songs or Smokin Willie recordings from a studio combine that with Stone Garden like dynamic Heaviness and top it of with the RAWEST n heaviest monster barbedwire FuzzzzZZZZzz this side of Dark or Dragonfly and the outcome is a Heavy Psych monster you'd expect from labels like Rockadelic or Void and not from the popsike label Shadoks (No offence intended). The band plays both clear tone monsters and these Fuzz monsters. The whole album is a keeper. Have a blast and share your views


Mp3 from Cd source


  1. glad to see your Heavy blog back, thanks...

    Saludos y gracias

    from Santiago, Chile.

  2. In Flac from CD for prog heads for the rest of us MP3 has more warmth n feel

  3. Haha, great opinion of mp3s, man. I want all FROG, no PROG. "Hassles" is quite the riff, man...good stuff.

    And for the record, I DID like that cartoony business.

  4. I never thanked you for this.
    Been rocking out to it all morning, really good stuff!

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  6. thanks for this blog. i just discovered Fresh Blueberry Pancake on youtube after listening to Baby Grandmothers from Sweden. Nice music!