Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Smokin' Willie 1972

Welcome to another Way Heavy mindblowing monster from the underground..nice intro right?. Smokin' Willie was a monsterous trio that played mostly covers but the way they did it left no one untouched. If you love that warm garagey basement heavy psych sound combined with some of the rawest crudest fuzz lead guitar ever recorded, you will love this band. Originally this was a private release that now fetches $ 400. A couple of Lp reissues exist including a CD reissue aswell. Get one and have a Heavy blast. Thanks for all ya comments and views. Appreciated it!

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  1. thanks for your visit in my blog, your blog is amazing, jaja!, and, i must listen this band, :D

  2. Great album.I love the version of"whiter shade of pale" and all other tracks.
    Wish you a Happy New Year.
    Certainly one of my last download.Here in France a new law against download voted a few months ago will take effect the first January.

  3. wow, this is great! love that heavy fuzz and reverb sound. great cover of evil ways and that first track is just killer. thank you for introducing me to this great band. now if i could just find the LP...

  4. Hi
    Just found your blog.Congratulations on what looks like being a great blog for some cool sounds.I will post comments when I have listened---Cheers Gary in the Uk

  5. Big thanks for this one! I am always looking for end-60's/70's bands not only being heavy, but also raw and this is perfect!

  6. @ Jim... there aren't many copies of the LP out there...i don't believe. I have the only copy that i have ever seen. I traded a Woodstock album for it. It was worth it to me since the late Jim Sarvis and Ron Frye (still with us and living in nearby Loogootee, Indiana) were/are good friends of mine. Smokin' Willie was just a little before my time...so i never met Willie. But i knew Sarvis and Frye quite well