Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Smokin' Willie 1972

Welcome to another Way Heavy mindblowing monster from the underground..nice intro right?. Smokin' Willie was a monsterous trio that played mostly covers but the way they did it left no one untouched. If you love that warm garagey basement heavy psych sound combined with some of the rawest crudest fuzz lead guitar ever recorded, you will love this band. Originally this was a private release that now fetches $ 400. A couple of Lp reissues exist including a CD reissue aswell. Get one and have a Heavy blast. Thanks for all ya comments and views. Appreciated it!

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Friday, December 18, 2009

BF Trike & Hickory Wind (1971 & 1969)

It's time for a new post.. The old Heavypsychman blog never had BF Trike on it so this time around I thought I'd
post them and their great heavy psych album from 1971. This was actually Rockadelic records first release back in 1988.
To make this post more complete I included the pre BF Trike band Hickory wind and their sole rare folk psych album from 1969.
I hope you have a blast with this stuff.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fresh Blueberry Pancake - Heavy 1970

Heavy Psych monster piece again. This was originally a demo Lp made in 52 copies in a plain white sleeve. Shadoks reissued this with a ugly cartoon cover so I made this in my opinion more appropriate cover, simple but effective just like the music enclosed. (There's the cartoon cover in the link aswell if thats ya thing). Musically than... well take the band Betty but include real good songs or Smokin Willie recordings from a studio combine that with Stone Garden like dynamic Heaviness and top it of with the RAWEST n heaviest monster barbedwire FuzzzzZZZZzz this side of Dark or Dragonfly and the outcome is a Heavy Psych monster you'd expect from labels like Rockadelic or Void and not from the popsike label Shadoks (No offence intended). The band plays both clear tone monsters and these Fuzz monsters. The whole album is a keeper. Have a blast and share your views


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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bulbous Creation - You won't remember dying 1970

Yes more great underground Heavy Psych. This time Bulbous Creation - You won't remember dying from 1970 (Rockadelic). This album is another personal favorite. You get great acid lead guitar in class with Garcia or Cipolina and warm heavy, dusty underground sound with a eerie dark edge. Some great gems of this album are opener "End of the page", "Having a good time", the Heavy Psych monsterpiece "Let's go to the sea" and the incredible acid psych version of "Stormy Monday" which has some of the best psychedelic clear tone lead guitar ever recorded. The sheer variation, the musical quality and underground production make this album a true keeper. A desert Island record if there ever was one. Have a quality psychedelic experience with this beloved gem. Please share your views on this album.

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Guitarist Allen Lewis R.I.P

Friday, December 4, 2009

Joshua - Opens your mind 1969

Yes another Heavy Psych monster to blow your mind and ears. Yes this was a Rockadelic find and a monster as such. Take Steppenwolf on a early Blue Cheer trip and you won't be far off from where this Californian band is coming from. If you love Stone Garden, Josefus and Bentwind you will love Joshua. This is one of my absolute favorite Heavy Psych albums. Hear it and find out why. Have a blast and lets get them as known as Josefus and Stone Garden. Don't be shy to post them in your blogs!

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