Friday, December 3, 2010

Bent Wind - Sussex 1969 (Canada)

Yes lets end this year with an underground blast unlike anything else! I surpose you you know the $3000 mega rarity legend, so I'll skip it. Well imagine a raw underground garage band getting into some heavy duty Blue Cheer and Led Zeppelin stuff, and having a lead guitarist who continually keeps on playing the most wasted and amphetamine influenced acid lead in the buisness.. and a total monster is the outcome.. Love the dudes leads..alot! Monsters on this 1969 gem are Riverside and Holy cows.. Just download n be blown away. More info, go to Bent Winds blog (see sidebar) As a Xmas gift ya get an added bonus which you will have to discover yourself. Have a HEAVY Xmas & a HEAVIER new year. Peace out!!

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cream - Live at Grande Ballroom Detroit October 15th 1967

Oh yes folks... Cream live.. and no not that usal thin Papalardi produced  sound.., but a H-e-a-v-y, raw energetic sound, and a Cream blasting away as if there was no tomorrow!... This is as close as we can get to the legendery Cream live experience, First time I heard this I knew this was a keeper. It's a Blast like few others. Songs here on this 2 CD set range from 4 mins to 22 mins with an average of 10 mins! No more yap, get it n be blown away. Later!

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Friday, October 1, 2010


 Yes yes another blast of this series... Me thinks this will blow ya away again. Both H-E-A-V-Y n crude R-A-W gems to torture even the dead (see victem on the cover). I would like to thanks those who helped out with this volume, you know who you are!  Best to ya all.  Have a blast n get the reissues if ya find em n if they aren't overpriced.  This Volume includes following bands:

White Lightning
Stereo Shoestring
Novak's Kapelle
Sounds Synymous
Legend (pre Dragonfly)
Fraction (3 tracks of new 10" of new Moon Blood reissue)
Mecki Mark Men (rare live piece)

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

BOLDER DAMN - Mourning 1971

Yes monster time again..!This album is a legend in itself.. The $ 2000 mega rarity that delivers the goods in a grand way. The 20 min tour de force here "Dead Meat" has to be heard to be believed. It's a Heavy Psych monster unlike anything ya heard before. The other tracks are like a prelude to this monster song. These sound like early Grand Funk on steriods with some of the greatest n most wasted fuzz leads in the buisness..I love them a lot! These tracks have a great party vibe that feels really exciting. "Dead meat" is like Grand Funk's Heavy epic monsters on a eerie Iron Butterfly/Black Sabbath trip times 10 but still even more...It's a underground Heavy Psych Classic that won't disapoint! Play this LOUD n have a great time. As always thanks for supporting this blog. Peace Out!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DSCHINN 1972 (Ger)

Dschinn was a HEAVY hardrock/psych band from Germany. Unlike their more acid crazed contemptoaries  such as Amon Duul 2 or Can, these guys play more straight ahead garage based Hardrock. Imagine a raw 60's band such as The Kinks, Yardbirds or The Pretty Things getting into Blue Cheer, Zeppelin or early Mk2 Purple and you aren't too far off from where these guys are coming from. The vocalist has a gruff Lemmy Kilmister kind of voice that adds to the bands apeal. Groovy catchy rythm and good songs by exeperienced 60's musicians with a warm raw edged sound makes this album a keeper. They actually do a Yardbirds cover "For your love" which is great. I couldn't find my Lp rip so you get the Cd reissue with Dischas (pre Dschinn) stuff. Play this L-O-U-D n  have your by now usal blast. Thanks for supporting my blog(s) and for your comments. This blog is a bigger success than I could have imagined. There seems to be a huge interest for this kind of music. Thanks folks..

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Iron Claw 1970 -1974 Collections

I love this underground band alot and I thought I'd include them to the blog. As ya probably know theres 2 compilations outthere with this way heavy crude raw hardrock band. One called Dismorphobia which is H-E-A-V-Y and a more recent one from rockdrome rec's which is raw early 70's hardrock. I prefer the first comp because of it's heavier more dynamic bass. You folks get both here so ya can compare. The photo above with cover is one I made a few years back, so it's not a cover of a 3rd compilation as some people think. Have a blast folks! Rock On!

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Frijid Pink 1970 (US)

Yes it's time for another kick ass blast. If ya like the gutsy blues of Free (minus the over polished production) and the kick in the teeth approach of Cactus first wild album combined with FUZ-Z-Z-Z-Z zzzz guitar from hell n you will be wetting ya pants by now. Ya get great ballsy vocals, kick ass wild Hard rock with a foot firmly in Heavy Psych land and great songs all the way including a fuzzed out version House of the rising sun that made these guys big in the day. Their later albums like mighty Cactus went too polished for my taste, but this debut fits nicely here at Heavypsychman blog. As always folks have a blast and thanks for great support and comments, it's all for the music man ! Love to ya all ! Rock On!

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

MECKI MARK MEN - Marathon 1970 (SWE)

Yes Heavy Psych from Sweden by a legendery merger of 2 of SWE best and most psychedelic bands: Mecki Bodemark's Mecki Mark Men and Monster Heavy psych trio Baby Grandmothers (get CD or Lp from Subliminal sounds). The bands got together while performing for the Swedish version of Hair and during this period recorded the now Cult "Running in the Summernight" in 1969, a SWE Heavy Psych classic which has also been called SWE's first Heavy rock album. Well I wanted to post "Marathon" from 1970 which is this line ups last album and a monster as such. It takes a while to get into, BUT when in it you don't look back. These guys were creative super talents and here playing outweights song writing so in a way this album is like a Heavy Psych version of GD.. I love this album and you discover new sounds and ideas all the time. I hope you like this SWE band and explore their other albums. After this album the band split and the Baby Grandmothers contiuned as Kebnekaise and released a monster heavy debut called "Resa mot okänt mål" (Journey towards an unknown destination) in 1971. Hear it aswell. Have a blast and thanks for comments, support, linkings and good vibe you all give this blog. Rock On!


Friday, April 30, 2010

FREEDOM'S CHILDREN - Galatic Vibes 1970

A monster from the South African Heavy Psych underground. Imagine a band that sounds like a wilder than wild mix of Led Zeppelin and The Who mixed with equal talent and drive and you have imagined this monster of a live album. Due to Apartheid sanctions the band weren't allowed to perform outside Soth Africa and due to this remained unknown to the rest of the world. Great super talented band that have now decades later left their mark on the world. This album is a mix of wild Heavy Psych and Progressive rock. Both of good so have a blast folks and don't be shy to comment. Peace out

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

FRACTION - Moon Blood 1971

Heavy Psych mega monster of the best quality imaginable. This is a $2000 mega rarity. It's been said to be the album The Doors had wished they had recorded, and we who know the story behind the band say this is the most unlikely christian band ever (Yes you read correctly they were a christian band). If you take The Doors and a way wasted beyond belief Jim Morrisson sounding vocalist and some heavy duty amplification and a dark eerie vibe of say Iron Butterfly or Black Sabbaths debut you will be close to what this monster is all about. All songs are keepers and now it's been reissued so many times that even you can afford it (no need for those hissing C90 tapes anymore) Have another blast of the highest calibre. Peace out daddio!

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Friday, March 5, 2010

JOSEFUS - Dead Man 1969

Yes it's time for a new posting and this time it's a real Monster that even floored mighty Led Zeppelin and their likes when it came to sheer heaviness. Josefus is one of the heaviest bands of it's era yet is still very psychedelic. They combine that with a tasteful rural bluesy vibe. The last decade this album has reached cult status in many circles and in my opinion rightfully so. Too much lame 2nd rate stuff has been releashed by the overzealous reissue industry. But when it comes to quality originality and sheer heavieness the bands remain few. Josefus is firmly among these later. Have a blast and blow a speaker or two in the process.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Morly Grey - The Only Truth 1972 & Top Drawer - Solid Oak 1969

It's time for a new post and a high quality underground Heavy Psych double feature. Morly Grey -The Only Truth 1972. Imagine a talented high quality psychedelic mix of Cream and Grateful Dead with great songs and near progressive structures that remain firmly in Psych land. Perhaps the best privately released Heavy psych album around. Amazing album.

Top Drawer was a organ/guitar driven Hard psych/late 60's style psych band that released this great album in 1969. It is late 60's underground hardrock/psych, but the leadguitar and organ is way psychedelic and wasted with a vibe similar to Bolder Damns way out there psychedelic leadguitar style (I hope ya know what I mean). Both albums have a great underground vibe and talent and songwriting skills you'd expect from the best out there. Both albums are keepers. Enjoy them and share your views!

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Firebirds - Light my fire / 31 Flavours - Hair 1969

Any one of you seen/heard Jimi Hendrix way wild cover of "Wild thing" off the Monterey pop festival film? Well Blue Cheer did, as did these guys: The Firebirds.. These guys are quite unknown and are said to be from L.A. They released these 2 albums on the supermarket label Crown. The Firebirds - Light my fire is a fuzz monster in that before said Hendrix live mode with Blue Cheer and Cream thrown in for good measure. Their 2nd album they recorded under the name "31 Flavours" and it seems obvious that Crown had now given them orders to tone down the wilder than wild fuzz moves.. But fear not these dudes pull off all the moves even with a "clearer" tone and actually come across as a even more underground sounding Bulbous Creation.. yes you know the vibe. These albums are perhaps not for the Flac format prog fan crowd, but if you love the wild uninhibited underground heavy psych of the late 60's, you will love this. The 31 Flavours album is from the Rockin Hood blog. Have a blast. Keep those comments coming folks!

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Swedish Psych Volume 2

This is the long awaited 2nd collection of Swedish Psych (Volume 2). Again you get a great selection of way psyched out underground music, with that real people vibe that is so unique for the SWE psych scene. Included: the above cover art, pictures of the albums where the tunes originate. The idea for this collection has been in the works awhile and it's basically personal favorites that have passed the test of time which also deliver the goods to speak. This stuff will psych you out. Hear also the first volume (click on picture on the sidebar). Support the scene by getting the reissues.

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