Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Firebirds - Light my fire / 31 Flavours - Hair 1969

Any one of you seen/heard Jimi Hendrix way wild cover of "Wild thing" off the Monterey pop festival film? Well Blue Cheer did, as did these guys: The Firebirds.. These guys are quite unknown and are said to be from L.A. They released these 2 albums on the supermarket label Crown. The Firebirds - Light my fire is a fuzz monster in that before said Hendrix live mode with Blue Cheer and Cream thrown in for good measure. Their 2nd album they recorded under the name "31 Flavours" and it seems obvious that Crown had now given them orders to tone down the wilder than wild fuzz moves.. But fear not these dudes pull off all the moves even with a "clearer" tone and actually come across as a even more underground sounding Bulbous Creation.. yes you know the vibe. These albums are perhaps not for the Flac format prog fan crowd, but if you love the wild uninhibited underground heavy psych of the late 60's, you will love this. The 31 Flavours album is from the Rockin Hood blog. Have a blast. Keep those comments coming folks!

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  2. Thanks man Hair it's pretty hard to get

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  4. you know man...i just never get tired of a wyld dose of fuzz in the morning.

    great lp, got it years ago.


  5. Dude this albums it's too fuzzy and heavy, thanks a lot, great bands Here, i wait that you watch later my blog... see ya!

  6. Ay caramba


    Too far out!

  7. muchas gracias por este disco, se ve que es bueno...

  8. Is there any chance you could upload that album again?