Friday, January 1, 2010

Swedish Psych Volume 2

This is the long awaited 2nd collection of Swedish Psych (Volume 2). Again you get a great selection of way psyched out underground music, with that real people vibe that is so unique for the SWE psych scene. Included: the above cover art, pictures of the albums where the tunes originate. The idea for this collection has been in the works awhile and it's basically personal favorites that have passed the test of time which also deliver the goods to speak. This stuff will psych you out. Hear also the first volume (click on picture on the sidebar). Support the scene by getting the reissues.

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  1. This is fantastic!
    Track 9 is my favorite.

    Thanks for this :)


    P.S. Mik your blog looks awesome.

  2. Thanks for ya comment

    I love the comp aswell, track 9 Ohlssons Grova is off the hook as you'd say. That fuzz is wow.. just great.

    Rock On Michelle


  3. Very Cool Mix , hadnt heard the Fläsket Brinner track, awesome...!

  4. It's of the Live Lp on "Fläsket" 2 Lp 1972

    It's a long jam Psych monster, loved it for years

  5. Just released SWE Psych Vol 3 go to Undergrond Psychedelia for that