Friday, March 5, 2010

JOSEFUS - Dead Man 1969

Yes it's time for a new posting and this time it's a real Monster that even floored mighty Led Zeppelin and their likes when it came to sheer heaviness. Josefus is one of the heaviest bands of it's era yet is still very psychedelic. They combine that with a tasteful rural bluesy vibe. The last decade this album has reached cult status in many circles and in my opinion rightfully so. Too much lame 2nd rate stuff has been releashed by the overzealous reissue industry. But when it comes to quality originality and sheer heavieness the bands remain few. Josefus is firmly among these later. Have a blast and blow a speaker or two in the process.


  1. I can dig it; one of the first obscure heavy 70's albums I bought.

    They posted it on Sludge Swamp the other day, so it's really made the rounds. It's the raw production that makes it solid.

    "Situation" !!!

  2. One of my favorites proto-doom albums specially Dead Man MASTERPIECE thanks a lot for upload this i can't wait for upload this album in my blog ....Greetings!

  3. You probably know them. But maybe other folks do not. Check out the swedish band Dead Man who choose their name after this record. they do hell of great stuff!

    I thank them for introducing me to josefus.

  4. Great compliments here for a great band. They have a "new" album due in April. Some promos on You Tube right now check them out, it sounds ultra heavy. Long lost studio and live. Devastating!

  5. ´

    I bought the re-issue on the Klimt Laben recently and was disappointed; the two-minute track 'Situation' is nice, the rest rather mediocre in my eyes.

    From the late sixties and early sventies I recommend Sir Lord Baltimore (Kingdome Come, 1970), Legend (Moon Blood, 1971), Dragonfly (same, 1968), Suck (Time To Suck, 1971), the South-African pioneers of "Acidpunk Metal"). And High Tide (Sea Shanties, 1969) from England, plus MacKenna Mendelson Mainline from Canada.(Stink, 1969), Ford Theatre (Trilogy for the Masses, 1968) from Boston, Mad River (same, 1968) from the Bay Area, and Lincoln Street Exit....

    Greeetings from Germany



    Led Zepellin is also overrated in my opinion.... :->

  6. One little correction:

    The above mentioned album 'Moon Blood' is from Fraction; and Legend was the former band name of Dragonfly - who made also one unforgettable LP: