Saturday, May 29, 2010

MECKI MARK MEN - Marathon 1970 (SWE)

Yes Heavy Psych from Sweden by a legendery merger of 2 of SWE best and most psychedelic bands: Mecki Bodemark's Mecki Mark Men and Monster Heavy psych trio Baby Grandmothers (get CD or Lp from Subliminal sounds). The bands got together while performing for the Swedish version of Hair and during this period recorded the now Cult "Running in the Summernight" in 1969, a SWE Heavy Psych classic which has also been called SWE's first Heavy rock album. Well I wanted to post "Marathon" from 1970 which is this line ups last album and a monster as such. It takes a while to get into, BUT when in it you don't look back. These guys were creative super talents and here playing outweights song writing so in a way this album is like a Heavy Psych version of GD.. I love this album and you discover new sounds and ideas all the time. I hope you like this SWE band and explore their other albums. After this album the band split and the Baby Grandmothers contiuned as Kebnekaise and released a monster heavy debut called "Resa mot okänt mål" (Journey towards an unknown destination) in 1971. Hear it aswell. Have a blast and thanks for comments, support, linkings and good vibe you all give this blog. Rock On!