Saturday, July 3, 2010

Frijid Pink 1970 (US)

Yes it's time for another kick ass blast. If ya like the gutsy blues of Free (minus the over polished production) and the kick in the teeth approach of Cactus first wild album combined with FUZ-Z-Z-Z-Z zzzz guitar from hell n you will be wetting ya pants by now. Ya get great ballsy vocals, kick ass wild Hard rock with a foot firmly in Heavy Psych land and great songs all the way including a fuzzed out version House of the rising sun that made these guys big in the day. Their later albums like mighty Cactus went too polished for my taste, but this debut fits nicely here at Heavypsychman blog. As always folks have a blast and thanks for great support and comments, it's all for the music man ! Love to ya all ! Rock On!

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  1. Wating for new posts here always pays off! Big thanks for another awesome unknown classic of heavy guitar music.

  2. I love it when you turn me on to new obscurities.
    These guys are awesome!

    Thanks M.

  3. This album it's too awesome specially the guitars greetings Heavypyschman

  4. Yes it's a blast play it loud!

    I go for quality before quantity + ain't got loadsa time to use for my blogs

    Thanks for comments

  5. One of my favourites, great stuff on your blog!
    Keep rockin'!
    (Akis, Athens, Greece)

  6. yeah frijid pink!!! :D, I love the fuzz guitars haha

  7. Frijid Pink rules, was a great, great band.
    Cheers from Mexico City.

  8. Have you heard the Defrosted album? It's not TOO polished and is pretty damn awesome! It also came out in 1970. It's a tad bluesier, but is still heavy and fuzzy. Not quite as raw as the first one, but still very, very awesome!

    After Defrosted, there was a massive line up change. Maybe that attributes to the change in sound and style.