Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DSCHINN 1972 (Ger)

Dschinn was a HEAVY hardrock/psych band from Germany. Unlike their more acid crazed contemptoaries  such as Amon Duul 2 or Can, these guys play more straight ahead garage based Hardrock. Imagine a raw 60's band such as The Kinks, Yardbirds or The Pretty Things getting into Blue Cheer, Zeppelin or early Mk2 Purple and you aren't too far off from where these guys are coming from. The vocalist has a gruff Lemmy Kilmister kind of voice that adds to the bands apeal. Groovy catchy rythm and good songs by exeperienced 60's musicians with a warm raw edged sound makes this album a keeper. They actually do a Yardbirds cover "For your love" which is great. I couldn't find my Lp rip so you get the Cd reissue with Dischas (pre Dschinn) stuff. Play this L-O-U-D n  have your by now usal blast. Thanks for supporting my blog(s) and for your comments. This blog is a bigger success than I could have imagined. There seems to be a huge interest for this kind of music. Thanks folks..

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  1. Hey man, thanks for reminding me to put Iron B. Theme in recommended tracks, I forgot to put it. Other two songs are little too raw, I like others better. Thanks for visiting and comments ;D Btw Dschinn is rare and good garage band ^^

  2. hey man great blog

    i love heavy psy music thats gooooooooddddd