Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cream - Live at Grande Ballroom Detroit October 15th 1967

Oh yes folks... Cream live.. and no not that usal thin Papalardi produced  sound.., but a H-e-a-v-y, raw energetic sound, and a Cream blasting away as if there was no tomorrow!... This is as close as we can get to the legendery Cream live experience, First time I heard this I knew this was a keeper. It's a Blast like few others. Songs here on this 2 CD set range from 4 mins to 22 mins with an average of 10 mins! No more yap, get it n be blown away. Later!

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  1. Thanks a lot for this live album!!! It really rocks! Cream as they were meant to be!

  2. Many, many, many, thanks for this great live album! This is what Cream was all about.

  3. Yeah, but I'm satisfied with vocals. Anyhow, do you know where can I get Wind(Norw.) album for download? I can't seem to find them on myspace :S

  4. yeah, the studio albums by cream stinks haha...

  5. Yes the ones Felix Pappalardi (Mountain) produced have a thin sound.. First Lp from 1966 is better, the track Spoonful is as heavy as Sabbath's 1st LP. Thanx for comments

  6. Normally, i'll opt for dennel surgery before listening to yet *another* looong cream live show, but the early ones are an exception, and i am quite curious if this is the same boot i had oh so many years ago (the date is about right).
    IIRC, the sound was extraordinary for a boot, especially considering this was pre-internet days, and good ones were hard to come by.

    and yeah, i agree.. first LP is the best sounding, and my fave.. i even like effect created by the the drastic stereo seperation..
    Cheers! Doc