Friday, December 3, 2010

Bent Wind - Sussex 1969 (Canada)

Yes lets end this year with an underground blast unlike anything else! I surpose you you know the $3000 mega rarity legend, so I'll skip it. Well imagine a raw underground garage band getting into some heavy duty Blue Cheer and Led Zeppelin stuff, and having a lead guitarist who continually keeps on playing the most wasted and amphetamine influenced acid lead in the buisness.. and a total monster is the outcome.. Love the dudes leads..alot! Monsters on this 1969 gem are Riverside and Holy cows.. Just download n be blown away. More info, go to Bent Winds blog (see sidebar) As a Xmas gift ya get an added bonus which you will have to discover yourself. Have a HEAVY Xmas & a HEAVIER new year. Peace out!!

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