Friday, April 30, 2010

FREEDOM'S CHILDREN - Galatic Vibes 1970

A monster from the South African Heavy Psych underground. Imagine a band that sounds like a wilder than wild mix of Led Zeppelin and The Who mixed with equal talent and drive and you have imagined this monster of a live album. Due to Apartheid sanctions the band weren't allowed to perform outside Soth Africa and due to this remained unknown to the rest of the world. Great super talented band that have now decades later left their mark on the world. This album is a mix of wild Heavy Psych and Progressive rock. Both of good so have a blast folks and don't be shy to comment. Peace out

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

FRACTION - Moon Blood 1971

Heavy Psych mega monster of the best quality imaginable. This is a $2000 mega rarity. It's been said to be the album The Doors had wished they had recorded, and we who know the story behind the band say this is the most unlikely christian band ever (Yes you read correctly they were a christian band). If you take The Doors and a way wasted beyond belief Jim Morrisson sounding vocalist and some heavy duty amplification and a dark eerie vibe of say Iron Butterfly or Black Sabbaths debut you will be close to what this monster is all about. All songs are keepers and now it's been reissued so many times that even you can afford it (no need for those hissing C90 tapes anymore) Have another blast of the highest calibre. Peace out daddio!

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