Friday, December 2, 2011

Day Blindness & Fox (1969 -1970)

December and a new post. This time a double feature. Heavy Doors based psych by San Fransiscos Day Blindness and Heavy psychedelic Hardrock by the bands later incarnation: Fox. Both will rock ya socks off. Have a great Christmas and a Heavier new year. Hope more Heavy psychedelic stuff in reissued and discovered during the coming year. Rock On folks!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Heavypsych Explosion Volume 9

A new volume is ready to blow your mind away with the usual mix of nuclear garage rock to the heaviest and rawest heavy psychedelic rock around. There is something here for everyone. Have a mega blast folks!

This issue has tracks by following bands:

Fire (Yugoslavia)
Stone Axe (post Josefus)
October Cherries
The Giant Crab
Negative Space
Blue Cheer
Purple Sun
The Orange Wedge (the 60's band)
The Chapparel Trio
The Arrows
Fox (post Day Blindness)
Human Instinct
Chico Magnetic Band
Morly Grey

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sainte Anthonys Fyre (1970)

Folks it's time for another crating raw psychedlic blast that will blow ya socks straight off. This monster trio from New Jersey is a top notch monster power trio with clear musical roots with Cream, Hendrix and Blue Cheer. Take the fluent wild jaming style of Cream and heavy finess of Hendrix and rawer than raw monsterous fuzz approach of Blue Cheer and you have this monster hardrock/Heavy psych album in a nutshell. Great talent, good catchy songs and a mindblowing raw violent fuzzed out vibe with good shouted vocals and you'll understand why this is another $1000 rarity..Yes because it delivers the goods in a great way. Only flaw really is the production or lack there of. Blast this like there is no tomorrow and spread the word to everyone. My choice cut here is "Lone soul road" that pulverizes everything in it's way. Blast a way!!

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Friday, September 2, 2011

The Jarvis Street Revue - Mr Oilman (1970)

Repost of this monster. Heavypsych from Canada that delivers the goods. HEAVY great songs and ballsy biker style vocals. These guys should be as big as Bentwind. Please share this with your friends. Crank up the volume and be blown away.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Stack Attack 2 - The Australian blast

Oh yes a new stack attack compilation and all dedicated to the crudest heaviest and wildest Hardrock from Australias incredible early 1970's scene.. Here is a collection of way rare goodies with heavier and cruder sound than the offical releases (summer jam track is released so..) I'm confident this will blow ya socks off, so all I'm saying is:  Have a blast folks!

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fire - Could you understand me (1973) Yugoslavia

Yes I can understand you in full dudes.. Heavy psychedelic rock is your game. Well obviously they weren't understood in their native Yugoslavia, where labels thought they were too heavy, so the band went to Holland to record this monster album. You got your Hendrix, Cream , Cheer vibe combined with Zeppelin and a healthy dose of the bands own thing. The album has some really raw fuzz and and wild heavy jaming vibe combined with great ballsy vocals to satisfy anyone. Musically it's a mix of Heavy psych, heavy hardrock & heavy blues.. In other words a keeper. Have a blast with this folks! New Heavypsych explosion vol 9 is coming soon. Rock On!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Blue Cheer - Live and unreleased 1968/1974 Vol 1 & 2

This is a raw monster that got released in the 90's. It's a collection of crude raw recordings of good ol' Blue Cheer live .. Sound quality leaves a bit to be desired, BUT the music is great Heavy Psych with lots of extended improvisation which makes up very well for the otherwise limited sound quality. I personally love the way Steve Allen from Steve Allen show tells his audience to "run for their lives" when Cheer play their second song.. No lamoid play back there but the stacks blasting away no holds bared. Ya get both volume 1 and 2 so have a blast! Me thinks ya ain't gonna have summertime blues , that I'm quite confident about. Have  a HEAVY summer..I sure will Rock On!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Negative Space - Hard, Heavy Mean & Evil (1970)

 This band is another kick ass Monster heavypsych/hardrock band from obscure basement land. If you like crude basement heavy psych/fuzz hardrock of the more dated late 60's non progressive kind as say Smokin' Willie or similar (I for one do), you will love this monster piece. The album is a mix of blues based hardrock numbers and these cruder than hell fuzzed out heavy psych monsters. I love the whole concept especially the crude raw fuzz and Rob Russens ballsey vocals. Have a blast this isse includes extra tracks. Rock On!

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heavypsych Explosion Volume 8

Alright.. a new installment of this mind blowing series for you ever more heavy crazed psych freaks. This volume is a beauty in crudeness, sludginess and sheer brutal fuzz. As usall there is a nice variation of Heavy psychedelic rock that won't disapoint anyone. I want to thank everyone who made this volume possible!
As always have a Blast folks!

This volume contains tracks by following bands:

Libre Expresion
31 Flavours (The Firebirds)
Ancient Grease
Gidian's Bible
The Open Mind
Atomic Forest
Les Goths
Bitter Creek
Piel De Pueblo
King George Discovery
Blow Mind
Mount Rushmore

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Smack - 1968 (USA)

Hello heavy freaks..addicts of the raw n heavy.. It's time for another rare Heavy treat for you. Smack was a group that came together at some  music summer camp in USA. A bunch of dudes got together and recorded a bunch of their fave covers by Hendrix, Cream and Buffalo Springfield. You are probably scared thinking.. okay another lame cover band.. garage band trying n failing to cover those bands.. Well think again. You have musically able guys who play these covers flawlessly yet with s crude sludgey Cheer like edge, and the vocals are deep and fit the songs nicely, and to top it of this album has a way  Heavy underground like production that gives this band that special vibe these rare albums often have. This is a high buck rarity, but a few vinyl reissues exist. Have a blast and please share this very rare album. Leech if ya like. A very special thanks goes to Jeremy Sparks who found this gem for me. Rock On dude!

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Joshua - Opens your Mind 1969 (US)

Yes now it's hightime to re post this monster. Top 3 Heavypsych monster, together there with Stone Garden and Josefus, when it comes to sheer Heaviness and Psychedelic quality grooves. Just download, unzip n Blast away. These dudes were friends with Blue Cheer n shared a house together..kinda says it all. Thanks for Rich Haupt for unearthing this gem. Rockadelic is/was a cult underground Psych label.  Have a blast folks. Hi O silver!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Stack Attack Various Artists 1967 -1973

Oh yes.. the Heavy mutha is ready for your speaker blasting pleasure. This is a monster compilation to satisfy the endless need for HEAVY raw wild Hardrock from the golden era of 1967 - 1972 . This is a bunch of personal favorites that are guranteed to rock you n blow you away. As usual less yap n more music. Cover photo is of Pete Townsend abusing his stack in a quite questionable way, a few years before  he learnt that you can actually do the same playing HEAVY music...well can't blame him. Have a great blast n give me feed back..

This monster compilation contains Heavy raw songs by:

The Litter
Sir Lord Baltimore
Sainte Anthony's Fyre
The Stooges
Yesterday's Children
Les Variations 
The Who
ZZ Top

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Led Zeppelin - Live Spokane Washington,USA 30.12 - 1968

Yes let's start this year off with a blast. Here you have a real HEAVY and raw live tape by one of my fave bands Led Zeppelin. Their later live tapes are hit & miss affairs with both Plant and Page goofing off or being totally jaded and uninterested. Here both smoke n are on fire, like on the albums. This is an audience recording so the sound is raw but it just adds the appeal, it gives the stuff a way cool Blue Cheer like edge. Have a monster blast folks. Rock On!!!

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