Saturday, April 2, 2011

Smack - 1968 (USA)

Hello heavy freaks..addicts of the raw n heavy.. It's time for another rare Heavy treat for you. Smack was a group that came together at some  music summer camp in USA. A bunch of dudes got together and recorded a bunch of their fave covers by Hendrix, Cream and Buffalo Springfield. You are probably scared thinking.. okay another lame cover band.. garage band trying n failing to cover those bands.. Well think again. You have musically able guys who play these covers flawlessly yet with s crude sludgey Cheer like edge, and the vocals are deep and fit the songs nicely, and to top it of this album has a way  Heavy underground like production that gives this band that special vibe these rare albums often have. This is a high buck rarity, but a few vinyl reissues exist. Have a blast and please share this very rare album. Leech if ya like. A very special thanks goes to Jeremy Sparks who found this gem for me. Rock On dude!

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  1. absolutely killer! THANKS for sharing.

    for more psych/rock/etc. check out:

  2. And I need to thank Chuck Kirk for doing the legwork on finding this album.

  3. thank you !
    you have done a great job!
    have a nice week end,