Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Negative Space - Hard, Heavy Mean & Evil (1970)

 This band is another kick ass Monster heavypsych/hardrock band from obscure basement land. If you like crude basement heavy psych/fuzz hardrock of the more dated late 60's non progressive kind as say Smokin' Willie or similar (I for one do), you will love this monster piece. The album is a mix of blues based hardrock numbers and these cruder than hell fuzzed out heavy psych monsters. I love the whole concept especially the crude raw fuzz and Rob Russens ballsey vocals. Have a blast this isse includes extra tracks. Rock On!

Download from:


  1. Thanks buddy, great band ......

  2. This is great! I recently discovered your blog & have found a lot of interesting music. I hope your able to repost some of your older posts like Bulbous Creation & Josephus... really dig this heavy psych vibe you've created here... keep up the good work!

  3. Nagle dude.. thanx for ya comments

    Me thinks those links still work but if not, sure I'll repost

    Enjoy the music