Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fire - Could you understand me (1973) Yugoslavia

Yes I can understand you in full dudes.. Heavy psychedelic rock is your game. Well obviously they weren't understood in their native Yugoslavia, where labels thought they were too heavy, so the band went to Holland to record this monster album. You got your Hendrix, Cream , Cheer vibe combined with Zeppelin and a healthy dose of the bands own thing. The album has some really raw fuzz and and wild heavy jaming vibe combined with great ballsy vocals to satisfy anyone. Musically it's a mix of Heavy psych, heavy hardrock & heavy blues.. In other words a keeper. Have a blast with this folks! New Heavypsych explosion vol 9 is coming soon. Rock On!

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  1. Can't wait to hear this. You've never disappointed me yet ;)

  2. this album is truly awesome, love that fuzz, for all sabbath fans must check this out NOW!


  3. All Cream, Hendrix, Blue Cheer and Led Zep fans must check it out.

    It's a monster and the guitarist has reformed the band.

    Thanx for comments Rock On!

  4. Thanks for the download link.
    Keep posting.

    Cassy form Teach Yourself To Play Guitar

  5. Wow! Absolutely killer album. Thanks a million for this post Heavypsychman. This is very satisfying for my mind.

  6. Brilliant band.Probably one of my most favorite bands that came out of Yugoslavia (I'm from Croatia). Not may ex-Yu bands played this mix of garage and psychedelic rock, because psychedelic music and lifestyle of 60s and 70s in America was very much different from one in Yugoslavia. Other bands similiar to mind-expanding music from this region are : Igra Staklenih Perli, Buldožer, Drugi Način and Leb i Sol. Peace man, great review.

  7. This band from Croatia-Cakovec thanks for post this band:)