Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sainte Anthonys Fyre (1970)

Folks it's time for another crating raw psychedlic blast that will blow ya socks straight off. This monster trio from New Jersey is a top notch monster power trio with clear musical roots with Cream, Hendrix and Blue Cheer. Take the fluent wild jaming style of Cream and heavy finess of Hendrix and rawer than raw monsterous fuzz approach of Blue Cheer and you have this monster hardrock/Heavy psych album in a nutshell. Great talent, good catchy songs and a mindblowing raw violent fuzzed out vibe with good shouted vocals and you'll understand why this is another $1000 rarity..Yes because it delivers the goods in a great way. Only flaw really is the production or lack there of. Blast this like there is no tomorrow and spread the word to everyone. My choice cut here is "Lone soul road" that pulverizes everything in it's way. Blast a way!!

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