Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mountain - Live at Woodstock 1969

Yes folks it's the holidays season again n I wish you all a great midwinter solice or Yule as we call it. As a pressent you get the raw heavy Mountain live tape from Woodstock of which parts ended up on the 1972 Live album n personal favorite, The Road Goes Ever On. The sound is raw but that enhances the vibe. As a secret present you get another Heavy raw Live tape by  a early incarnation of a band we all like. Included in the package for u to discover. Heavy Midwinter solice n Thanks for all support n friendship during this year. Also our friend Guru of Subliminal Sounds has released an exellent book on psychedelics n the culture support him n get it if it's ya thing

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mediafire links deleted...

Folks, some f**ker has deleted all mediafire links (apart from Dark link) so folks now you know.

The sharebee and Mirrorcreator links still work.

 Remember this is a sharing blog and the posts are one time events, I will not re-up the deleted links. I don't have time for that. As always please support re issue labels by purchasing their re's .

I do this to promote these forgotten great bands out of love for the music with the hope the stuff gets another chance to be heard

Peace out.. Be HEAVY

Friday, November 2, 2012

Dark - Round The Edges 1972

Love this album alot because it's so different from the usal brand of UK Hardrock , Power Blues or Heavy rock which is either totally mindblowing and HEAVY like say Zeppelin, Tull or Sabbath or mediocre and bland like the stuff flooding the wastoid blogs in blogisphere. This album is kind of like progressive westcoast style 1960's garage rock ( which is a good thing in itself) but the band isn't  content with that, they incorporate monster FuzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZzzz of otherworldly proportions into their songs. The songs start of as  mellow warm sounding cleartone garage flavoured progressive songs, until the guitarist stomps on his fuzz pedal  and a nuclear explosion of fuzz and heavy psychedelic monster heaviness takes command.. It's so original and yet so effective that it's kind of like  a trademark for Dark. This album is a well honed and well rehearsed piece of premium quality heavy psychedelic rock with exellent musicianship equaling the big names like Zep, Sabs or Tull yet much more psychedelic. Everyone knows the big bucks collector jive so I will spare you that. This album will blow you away and the light and HEAVY approach is great. Enjoy it as much as I do. Rock on folks!

Download from:

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Underground Electrics (The Firebirds) - Hey Jude 1968 (US)

Yes finally a new post folks. This time another Crown label Hard/Heavy psych goodie by our heros The Firebirds under yet another name. In true Crown explotation style you have a cover here of Beatles Hey Jude followed by a bunch of crude raw Hard / Heavy psychedelic numbers by The Firebirds. On vocals theres a lounge style old dude who works just fine. This is extremely rare so please share it with everyone who might be interested. Have a raw trip with this album. Rock On n thanks for support as always. Boogie children!!

Download from:

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Heavypsych Explosion Volume 10 (2012)

Finally the much antipated new Heavypsych Explosion. This time a monster blast to end all monster blasts. In the past 5 years this little blog has been promoting the Heaviest underground bands of the 1966 - 1974 era and this compilation series has been in the forefront in spreading the word about these great bands. Today many of the bands are household names and can been seen posted on Fb etc on a daily basis. Well the 200mb limit forced me to exclude a few goodies but you'll be satisfied with what you get. As always have a blast n spread the word.

This volume contains the best and heaviest songs by following bands:

Dragonfly (US)
Fresh Blueberry Pancake
Bolder Damn
Negative Space
Smokin' Willie
Bulbous Creation
Sainte Anthony's Fyre
Jarvis Street Revue
Joshua (Ca)
Captain Foam
Bent Wind
Freedom's Children

Download link:

Link removed by mediafire

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jokers -1972 (Iran)

Heavy psychedelic Blues/ Psych from Tehran Iran 1972.. Apparently the guitarist went to England and was impressed by Cream and wanted to do the same thing himself. The results are on this rehearsal tape the trio recorded on reel to reel taperecorder in 72. If ya like really Raw Heavy Cream style jamming combined with a The Firebirds (!) kinda, fast n loose playing style, you'll love this. I love this n recommend it to ya all. Talent has no borders as we all know. Share with your friends because this is very rare. Rock On!!!

Download links are on the bottom of their page:

Saturday, June 30, 2012

MOTÖRHEAD - Worst Of Motörhead 1976 - 1987

Yes you lucky f''kers it's time for me to share my personal Motörhead's just a bunch of the best tracks by this raw n gritty band that have meant the most for me. A premium compilation that kicks the official best of things outthere. The Best, Rawest n Heaviest stuff from 1976 - 1987.  Have a monster blast!!

On Parole (live)
Motörhead (live)
Vibrator (live)
I'll be your sister
Stay Clean
No Class
Limb from limb
Dead Men tell no tales
Bomber (live)
Live to win
Ace of spades (live)
Overkill (live)
Back to the funny farm
All for you
Bonus: Silvermachine


Friday, June 1, 2012

Stack Attack 4

Yes, an all new volume of this sister compilation to the monster Heavypsych Explosion. This volume has a kick ass variation of 1970's Hardrock, Heavy rock and Hard psych goodies to blow you away. Both known and super rare tracks. I surgest you download and unzip n crank the volume up n prepare for a monster blast. Enjoy it n give me your view. Rock On!!! This volume is dedicated to the memory of Jiri Schelinger who was killed by the Czech communist regiem in 1981.

This volume contains kick ass tracks by following bands:

Had (Yu)
Gasolin (Dk) pre Lp
Aka (Indonisia)
Jiri Schelinger (Cz)
Volt Rush Band
Strawberry Window
Supa Chief
The Yardbirds (Rare track)
Tasavallan Presidentti (Live)

Download from:

Link removed by mediafire

Monday, April 30, 2012

King George Discovery - Peace Of Mind 1968

The blast for May month is Swedish Fuzz monster of mindblowing proportions. In 1968 these guys released a rather bland album with good enough soulful vocals and good playing but with dull uneventful songs . Even here in SWE , that album a bargin bin type of thing,( even though dealers try to cash in on it's "rarity"). Well now it's time for a major surprise.. Same year they recorded a bunch of mindblowing H E A V Y totally fuzzed out tracks that remained unreleased. We are talking about crude raw Hendrix meets Blue Cheer kinda vibe. Or if ya like Jesse Harper meets monster fuzz.. This reissue is a major monster and I recomend you get a copy from the folks at Shadoks. Hope there is an affordable Cd reissue aswell.  Now crank up the volume and be blown away. Rock on.

Download from:

Link removed by mediafire 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stack Attack 3 - The Latino Blast 1967 - 1977

Hola amigos!.. This time you get a kick ass compilation from South America. The best and Heaviest bands from south of the Rio Grande. Just like that heavy hombre on the cover who will give that mujer every inch of his love and ofcourse rock her world, this compilation will rock yours and blow ya socks clear off. The talent, songwriting skill and musicianship and sheer Heavieness here is just mind blowingly amazing. Wow is all I'm saying. I want to dedicate this compilation to all those heavy hombres who run those 70's heavy/hardrock sharity blogs. Now enjoy the music. Rock On!

This volume includes tracks by following bands:

La Fachada De Piedra
Piel De Pueblo
Libre Expresion
A Bolha
El Amor
Los Dug Dugs


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Friday, March 2, 2012

Grand Funk Railroad - Live at University Of Hawaii 12th July 1971

Grand Funk Railroads 1970 Live album is a monster in itself just imagine how that would have sounded with a rawer and even harder sound.. Well this live tape gives you just that. It's a major blast and it will blow your socks off for real. My fave cut here is "In Need" i´which is a total  monster even better than the Live album version.....Folks have a major blast n Rock On To The Music!

Download from:

Link removed by mediafire 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ceptic Frog - Rehearsal (1969) South Africa

5 years ago on the original Heavypsychman blog I posted this rare Heavy psych rehearsal tape. After awhile a member of the band wanted me to take it off and so I did. Recently I have seen part of a song on this tape used by people, so I thought it's time everyone can have a go and hear this rare recording from South Africa. The tape has 11 songs of which one is a cover of Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet ride. The sound is poor to good and yes.. it's HEAVY and of good musical quality. Enjoy this heavy beast and give us your views. Blast away!!!!

Download from:

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dragonfly (1968) US

Ohh yeah!!! Classic yell from monster opening track Blue Monday. Yes what better way to start the new year than with a Monster blast of garage based Heavy psychedelia. The Old story about these guys is that they started out as Legend and released a single called Enjoy Yourself (included here).The jury is open on this band if it's the same Legend that released a cheesy garage rock cover album or if it's an entirely different Legend. In anycase for the release of this monster Lp they called themselves Dragonfly. Go to our sisterblog & download the amazing Acid Folk Experience Compilation. Have a blast folks thanks for 2011 n lets make 2012 as great.

Download from these folks: