Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dragonfly (1968) US

Ohh yeah!!! Classic yell from monster opening track Blue Monday. Yes what better way to start the new year than with a Monster blast of garage based Heavy psychedelia. The Old story about these guys is that they started out as Legend and released a single called Enjoy Yourself (included here).The jury is open on this band if it's the same Legend that released a cheesy garage rock cover album or if it's an entirely different Legend. In anycase for the release of this monster Lp they called themselves Dragonfly. Go to our sisterblog & download the amazing Acid Folk Experience Compilation. Have a blast folks thanks for 2011 n lets make 2012 as great.

Download from these folks:


  1. great post and great album!
    happy new year!

  2. Enjoyed this very much. Seems like I have heard their sound from other artists or is it the other way around!!

    Thank you.


  3. Your site is wild! I love this kind of music! All my favorite groups! Thank you!
    I want to share with you my 27th DIY album since 1990. I think you will dig it! Feel free to share with others!

    Fuzz and wah wah abounds on this! Plus some Hammond Organ thrown in!
    Dig it!

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  5. OMG.

    I have this on vinyl. Picked it up when I was in high school for a buck in some used or promo bin, circa 71 or 72. Will give it a re-listen, thanks to you.

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