Monday, April 30, 2012

King George Discovery - Peace Of Mind 1968

The blast for May month is Swedish Fuzz monster of mindblowing proportions. In 1968 these guys released a rather bland album with good enough soulful vocals and good playing but with dull uneventful songs . Even here in SWE , that album a bargin bin type of thing,( even though dealers try to cash in on it's "rarity"). Well now it's time for a major surprise.. Same year they recorded a bunch of mindblowing H E A V Y totally fuzzed out tracks that remained unreleased. We are talking about crude raw Hendrix meets Blue Cheer kinda vibe. Or if ya like Jesse Harper meets monster fuzz.. This reissue is a major monster and I recomend you get a copy from the folks at Shadoks. Hope there is an affordable Cd reissue aswell.  Now crank up the volume and be blown away. Rock on.

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