Saturday, June 30, 2012

MOTÖRHEAD - Worst Of Motörhead 1976 - 1987

Yes you lucky f''kers it's time for me to share my personal Motörhead's just a bunch of the best tracks by this raw n gritty band that have meant the most for me. A premium compilation that kicks the official best of things outthere. The Best, Rawest n Heaviest stuff from 1976 - 1987.  Have a monster blast!!

On Parole (live)
Motörhead (live)
Vibrator (live)
I'll be your sister
Stay Clean
No Class
Limb from limb
Dead Men tell no tales
Bomber (live)
Live to win
Ace of spades (live)
Overkill (live)
Back to the funny farm
All for you
Bonus: Silvermachine


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