Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Heavypsych Explosion Volume 10 (2012)

Finally the much antipated new Heavypsych Explosion. This time a monster blast to end all monster blasts. In the past 5 years this little blog has been promoting the Heaviest underground bands of the 1966 - 1974 era and this compilation series has been in the forefront in spreading the word about these great bands. Today many of the bands are household names and can been seen posted on Fb etc on a daily basis. Well the 200mb limit forced me to exclude a few goodies but you'll be satisfied with what you get. As always have a blast n spread the word.

This volume contains the best and heaviest songs by following bands:

Dragonfly (US)
Fresh Blueberry Pancake
Bolder Damn
Negative Space
Smokin' Willie
Bulbous Creation
Sainte Anthony's Fyre
Jarvis Street Revue
Joshua (Ca)
Captain Foam
Bent Wind
Freedom's Children

Download link:

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