Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mediafire links deleted...

Folks, some f**ker has deleted all mediafire links (apart from Dark link) so folks now you know.

The sharebee and Mirrorcreator links still work.

 Remember this is a sharing blog and the posts are one time events, I will not re-up the deleted links. I don't have time for that. As always please support re issue labels by purchasing their re's .

I do this to promote these forgotten great bands out of love for the music with the hope the stuff gets another chance to be heard

Peace out.. Be HEAVY

Friday, November 2, 2012

Dark - Round The Edges 1972

Love this album alot because it's so different from the usal brand of UK Hardrock , Power Blues or Heavy rock which is either totally mindblowing and HEAVY like say Zeppelin, Tull or Sabbath or mediocre and bland like the stuff flooding the wastoid blogs in blogisphere. This album is kind of like progressive westcoast style 1960's garage rock ( which is a good thing in itself) but the band isn't  content with that, they incorporate monster FuzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZzzz of otherworldly proportions into their songs. The songs start of as  mellow warm sounding cleartone garage flavoured progressive songs, until the guitarist stomps on his fuzz pedal  and a nuclear explosion of fuzz and heavy psychedelic monster heaviness takes command.. It's so original and yet so effective that it's kind of like  a trademark for Dark. This album is a well honed and well rehearsed piece of premium quality heavy psychedelic rock with exellent musicianship equaling the big names like Zep, Sabs or Tull yet much more psychedelic. Everyone knows the big bucks collector jive so I will spare you that. This album will blow you away and the light and HEAVY approach is great. Enjoy it as much as I do. Rock on folks!

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