Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mountain - Live at Woodstock 1969

Yes folks it's the holidays season again n I wish you all a great midwinter solice or Yule as we call it. As a pressent you get the raw heavy Mountain live tape from Woodstock of which parts ended up on the 1972 Live album n personal favorite, The Road Goes Ever On. The sound is raw but that enhances the vibe. As a secret present you get another Heavy raw Live tape by  a early incarnation of a band we all like. Included in the package for u to discover. Heavy Midwinter solice n Thanks for all support n friendship during this year. Also our friend Guru of Subliminal Sounds has released an exellent book on psychedelics n the culture support him n get it if it's ya thing

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  1. Great job man! You' re the only blogger I' ve found to got this one... Unfortunately, the link is broken. Is there any chance to have it somewhere else?