Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stack Attack 3 - The Latino Blast 1967 - 1977

Hola amigos!.. This time you get a kick ass compilation from South America. The best and Heaviest bands from south of the Rio Grande. Just like that heavy hombre on the cover who will give that mujer every inch of his love and ofcourse rock her world, this compilation will rock yours and blow ya socks clear off. The talent, songwriting skill and musicianship and sheer Heavieness here is just mind blowingly amazing. Wow is all I'm saying. I want to dedicate this compilation to all those heavy hombres who run those 70's heavy/hardrock sharity blogs. Now enjoy the music. Rock On!

This volume includes tracks by following bands:

La Fachada De Piedra
Piel De Pueblo
Libre Expresion
A Bolha
El Amor
Los Dug Dugs


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Friday, March 2, 2012

Grand Funk Railroad - Live at University Of Hawaii 12th July 1971

Grand Funk Railroads 1970 Live album is a monster in itself just imagine how that would have sounded with a rawer and even harder sound.. Well this live tape gives you just that. It's a major blast and it will blow your socks off for real. My fave cut here is "In Need" i´which is a total  monster even better than the Live album version.....Folks have a major blast n Rock On To The Music!

Download from:

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