Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stone Garden - Oceans inside me/Assembly line/It's a beautiful day Ep 1969

Lets leave 2013 with a blast unlike anything else. A label called Guerssen is going to reissue the Rockadelic album from 1998 so I thought to save you folks money, I'd take the best and HEAVIEST tracks of that session and release it in this great digital  Ep format. This is not only Idahos heaviest psychedelic band, but even the whole worlds. This a Definete personal favorite and these tunes have rocked my boat many a year now Have a blast n enjoy the Xmas gift aswell folks

Friday, November 1, 2013

Heavypsych Explosion Volume 11

Wholey hell who would have thought another of these was even possible..But sure as winter it's here and it's as  Heavy and psychedelic as always. This is a cross section of the best and heaviest rare tunes that have come my way, which I've deemed  worthy to be shared through this compilation seres. Here you have a selection to guarnateed to fry your mind and blow a speaker or two. Have a blast and enjoy!

This volume contains songs by:

The Outsiders
Grand Theft 
Him and the others (1966 monster)
Björn Famne
Krzylof Klenczon
Gasolin' (heavy early tune)
Humble mud
Olssons Grova
Ron Wray Lightshow
Sphinx Tush
Spontanous Corruption
Telegraph Avenue
The Frost
The Vagrants (monster tune from 1966)
Baby Grandmothers 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Live At Sunbury 1972

The wild man of Australian rock whose wild guitar playing was matched by his monsterous vocals.. A total blast. Billy Thorpe started his career as a RnB 50's/60's pop chart wonder in AUS, but reinvented himself in the late 60's after taking a life altering LSD trip (kudos to him!). Billy teamed up first with Australian guitar legend (god) Lobby Loyde of Wild Cherries (go to Utube for amazing videos) and the cut The Hoax is over album in 1970. Later Billy decided to play guitar himself n rest is history. Billy Thorpe was always at his peak live on stage,and there after 2 live albums were released, of which this wild Sunbury show being the second one to be cut onto vinyl. Sunbury was AUS Woodstock and featured mainly local talent which at the time there was loads. The Aztecs, Wild Cherries/Coloured Balls were mainstays at Sunbury and became legends. Later AUS rock bands such as Rose Tattoo and AC/DC owe their existence to The Aztecs and Coloured Balls, yet rarely if ever is this mentioned (but u know it now) Play L-O-U-D and have a blast.  

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Biker Rock - Two

Oh yeah.. a new installment of this compilation series and it's a killer. Good wild n Heavy tracks from 1960's to date, with that great gritty raw biker vibe of yesteryear we all love. This installment has a special surprise  for you to discover (a pdf..). I'm not going to bore you my yap so enjoy this assortment of rare and heavy goodies and play L-O-U-D for maximum blast. 

Compilation contains the following:

Dewey Martin & Medicine Ball (from Angels Die Hard)
Mount Carmel
Endless Boogie
Saint Vitus
Rose Tattoo (rare wild live cut)
Roy Young
Matt Corcoran Band
Frijid Pink
Coloured Balls/Aztecs
Sainte Anthony's Fyre
The Obessed (Live)
Motörhead (Live)
James Gang
White Lightning
Warren Winter's Band

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sainte Anthony's Fyre 1970 (Void reissue)

Theres recently been a reissue of this album by Rockdrome records but unfortunetly, though it's good it just ain't close to the raw crispy fuzzz monster the Void records reissue was.. Yes it's a matter of taste, but if you are like me and want maximum bang for your buck.. and who doesn't? than I'd choose this reissue. It brings to life the wild raw monstrous crude raw crispy fuzz and over the top moves of this band in a grand way. Now days Sainte Anthony's Fyre is rapidly becoming a staple among fans of the raw n heavy hard rock and psych which is great after all those years of obscurity. Have a raw heavy blast folks n keep it Heavy !

Monday, July 1, 2013

Supachief - Animal Woman / Red Brained Woman single (1969)

Indeed time to blast a away once again in a major way.. You dudes think a single?.. Well I say a MONSTER blast on two sides that make many a album sound lame. Musically we're talkin' Cream, Hendrix, The Who, Blue Cheer blast, with an original own style and a ferocious LOUD and wild n raw delivery. No one will be disapointed with this. Play Loud and have a kick ass summer (I am).

Saturday, June 1, 2013

King George Discovery - Peace Of Mind 1968

As most of you know this album is an obscure find from this otherwise quite bland R & B/Soul band from SWE. They released an album in 68 which was nothing special. But the stuff here is totally different n totally out there to speak. You get a wild ass vibe similar to say Jesse Harper combined with even more fuzz and a  early Hendrix vibe. Finally you get   a monster HEAVY and crude  Blue Cheer vibe thrown in  aswell for maximum blast-a-bility.. Yes me thinks this will blow you away in a grande way. Shadoks reissued this awhile back, so grabb a copy from em n support their work. Heavy out LOUD now!!!

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Raw Blues - Crude Raw Delta Blues

For May you get a special treat folks. You know there are bucket loads of Blues compilations which quite frankly don't offer much for folks like us. If you love blues n want the raw crude direct blues played with good catchy melodies me thinks you will like this collection of tunes. These are a bunch of personal favorites which deliver the goods to speak. Ya all enjoy the tunes n don't let Son House pull you down too much into his dark world ha ha. Rock on folks!

This collection contains good raw tunes by:

Papa Lightfoot
Blind Willie Johnsson
Son House
John Lee Hooker
Charley Patton
Howlin Wolf
Mississipi Fred McDowell
Elmore James
Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee


Link gone..........

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jamul 1970

This band has been blowing me a way a while now n their wildest tunes like Valley Thunder , All you have left is me, Ramblin man and monster cover of Tobacco Road are just plain kick ass tunes. They're Heavy wild and with a raw southern blues vibe with harp mixed with manic barbed wire vocals make em n this album a keeper. The rest of the tunes are more in the progressive Tull mould, not a band thing but something which might make these guys become overlooked by the heavier crowds. Jamul was managed by Steppenwolfs manger and they played lots of biker partys which says something about them. I'd call these guys CA's gritter dirtier Steppenwolf. Have a blast folks!!

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Friday, March 1, 2013

White Lightning 1968

White Lightning was the brainchild of The Litter's guitarist Zippy Caplan and is a Cream influenced venture into early Hardrock/ Heavy rock or Heavy psychedelic rock. The Cream vibe is present in Zippys leads and song writing. The sound is a mix of 60's garage rock and later 60's hard rock.. truly a proto hardrock transistion era creation which is very unique in itself. Imagine a heavy album recorded in a old studio specializing in that garage rock sound. The raw fuzz moves put this album into psychedelia land with ease and are another great feature. You get the 1968 White Lightning material here including tracks of their singles. Play loud n have a blast as always. Thanx for your support appreciate it.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Stack - Above All 1969

About time this smoking album gets featured here on the blog. If you are like me n luv the wild dynamic blast of The Who circa 1969 -1971, you will love this album. These guys play the same heavy wild dynamic psychedelic hardrock. You could see these guys are The Whos kid brothers from California. For years I thought these guys were some mid 60's garage band due to the style of the logo and the vibe of the album cover. When I actually heard the album I was blown away by the wild dynamic playing and the talented songwriting. Monster cuts here are "Time seller" and "Poison Ivy"  Have a blast folks!

Download :
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Biker Rock - Underground rock n biker flick soundtracks

Hello folks, it's time for a kick ass sampler of the rawest, crudest underground rock, hardrock, heavy psychedelic rock, n the best n rawest biker flick soundtrack goodies for your listening pleasure. This sampler will apeal to yous who love n appreciate the raw crude gritty 60's/70's bike scene..  Sample the goodies at your own choice n preference. You also get scans of Ed Roths classic 1968 issue 1 of Chopper magazine in this download. All I'm saying is have a blast n see ya all later.

This sampler contains goodies by the following:

Smokin' Willie
Bolder Damn
Negative Space
Blue Cheer
Sense Of Blue Cream
Strawberry Window
Fresh Blueberry Pancake

Also kick ass tunes from following flicks:

Devils Angels
Naked Angels
Cycle Savages
Werewolves on Wheels

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