Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Biker Rock - Underground rock n biker flick soundtracks

Hello folks, it's time for a kick ass sampler of the rawest, crudest underground rock, hardrock, heavy psychedelic rock, n the best n rawest biker flick soundtrack goodies for your listening pleasure. This sampler will apeal to yous who love n appreciate the raw crude gritty 60's/70's bike scene..  Sample the goodies at your own choice n preference. You also get scans of Ed Roths classic 1968 issue 1 of Chopper magazine in this download. All I'm saying is have a blast n see ya all later.

This sampler contains goodies by the following:

Smokin' Willie
Bolder Damn
Negative Space
Blue Cheer
Sense Of Blue Cream
Strawberry Window
Fresh Blueberry Pancake

Also kick ass tunes from following flicks:

Devils Angels
Naked Angels
Cycle Savages
Werewolves on Wheels

Download from:
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