Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sainte Anthony's Fyre 1970 (Void reissue)

Theres recently been a reissue of this album by Rockdrome records but unfortunetly, though it's good it just ain't close to the raw crispy fuzzz monster the Void records reissue was.. Yes it's a matter of taste, but if you are like me and want maximum bang for your buck.. and who doesn't? than I'd choose this reissue. It brings to life the wild raw monstrous crude raw crispy fuzz and over the top moves of this band in a grand way. Now days Sainte Anthony's Fyre is rapidly becoming a staple among fans of the raw n heavy hard rock and psych which is great after all those years of obscurity. Have a raw heavy blast folks n keep it Heavy !


  1. ever hear the breeder reissue? It's killer

  2. I agree with Uncle Dirt, I just got the breeder today and it SMOKES the Rockadrome and Void reissues....get it!!!