Saturday, August 31, 2013

Biker Rock - Two

Oh yeah.. a new installment of this compilation series and it's a killer. Good wild n Heavy tracks from 1960's to date, with that great gritty raw biker vibe of yesteryear we all love. This installment has a special surprise  for you to discover (a pdf..). I'm not going to bore you my yap so enjoy this assortment of rare and heavy goodies and play L-O-U-D for maximum blast. 

Compilation contains the following:

Dewey Martin & Medicine Ball (from Angels Die Hard)
Mount Carmel
Endless Boogie
Saint Vitus
Rose Tattoo (rare wild live cut)
Roy Young
Matt Corcoran Band
Frijid Pink
Coloured Balls/Aztecs
Sainte Anthony's Fyre
The Obessed (Live)
Motörhead (Live)
James Gang
White Lightning
Warren Winter's Band

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