Saturday, September 28, 2013

Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Live At Sunbury 1972

The wild man of Australian rock whose wild guitar playing was matched by his monsterous vocals.. A total blast. Billy Thorpe started his career as a RnB 50's/60's pop chart wonder in AUS, but reinvented himself in the late 60's after taking a life altering LSD trip (kudos to him!). Billy teamed up first with Australian guitar legend (god) Lobby Loyde of Wild Cherries (go to Utube for amazing videos) and the cut The Hoax is over album in 1970. Later Billy decided to play guitar himself n rest is history. Billy Thorpe was always at his peak live on stage,and there after 2 live albums were released, of which this wild Sunbury show being the second one to be cut onto vinyl. Sunbury was AUS Woodstock and featured mainly local talent which at the time there was loads. The Aztecs, Wild Cherries/Coloured Balls were mainstays at Sunbury and became legends. Later AUS rock bands such as Rose Tattoo and AC/DC owe their existence to The Aztecs and Coloured Balls, yet rarely if ever is this mentioned (but u know it now) Play L-O-U-D and have a blast.  

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  1. Another good band from that time and place was Buffalo -