Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stone Garden - Oceans inside me/Assembly line/It's a beautiful day Ep 1969

Lets leave 2013 with a blast unlike anything else. A label called Guerssen is going to reissue the Rockadelic album from 1998 so I thought to save you folks money, I'd take the best and HEAVIEST tracks of that session and release it in this great digital  Ep format. This is not only Idahos heaviest psychedelic band, but even the whole worlds. This a Definete personal favorite and these tunes have rocked my boat many a year now Have a blast n enjoy the Xmas gift aswell folks

Friday, November 1, 2013

Heavypsych Explosion Volume 11

Wholey hell who would have thought another of these was even possible..But sure as winter it's here and it's as  Heavy and psychedelic as always. This is a cross section of the best and heaviest rare tunes that have come my way, which I've deemed  worthy to be shared through this compilation seres. Here you have a selection to guarnateed to fry your mind and blow a speaker or two. Have a blast and enjoy!

This volume contains songs by:

The Outsiders
Grand Theft 
Him and the others (1966 monster)
Björn Famne
Krzylof Klenczon
Gasolin' (heavy early tune)
Humble mud
Olssons Grova
Ron Wray Lightshow
Sphinx Tush
Spontanous Corruption
Telegraph Avenue
The Frost
The Vagrants (monster tune from 1966)
Baby Grandmothers