Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Josefus 1970

Howdey folks time for some great catchy Heavy psychedelic rock with a southern Texas vibe for you all. Josefus Dead Man fron 1969 is a cult classic nowdays and has it's well over due recognition but this 2nd album is still a bit overlooked. I originally too thought it was a bit lightweight ? But comparing it to Dead Man, most things are. No this is still much heavier than most period hardrock and the songwriting here is far superior. This album could have made Josefus a big household name in the heavier southern Heavy rock scene in the 1970's had it got better distribution and promotion. Put it this way there are far inferior southern rock bands having cult status that can't hold a candle to this album. Enough said Rock on folks

1 comment:

  1. Not as good as "Dead Man", but still is far more superior than most of southern rock bands.