Thursday, May 29, 2014

Monster Garage Rock (Various Artists)

Yes an all new compilation in the tradition of Heavy Psych Explosion but focusing on the Rawest, wildest and Heaviest pre hartdrock / heavyrock bands of the 60's garage rock scene. When you hear the word "garage rock" you think of poor copys of the Brittish invasion bands in mop tops and suits.. But a dark underbelly of raw extreme bands existed even during these  innocent times. Here you have a collection of bands and tunes to prove this point. This compilation will make you rethink garage rock and blow you away like you are acustomed to from the releases featured on this blog. This is probably the heaviest and rawest garage compilation you have ever heard.  Have a heavy summer folks

Featured here:

Stereo Shoestring
Him And The Others
Swamp Rats
The Jay Jays
White Lightning
Pappys Haunted House
The Mind
The Renaissance Fair
The Bored
The Gary Desmond Strike Force

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