Saturday, August 30, 2014

ZZ Top - Live Pensacola Florida 1970

Hello folks... Good to see you all again. This time you get a damn good n Heavy Live tape by Texas hombres ZZ Top. This Live tape is really HEAVY and damn good and diffrent to their more famous later stuff. I was initially blown away by the version of Neighbour neighbour here that is as heavy as say When the levee breaks of Led Zeppelin 4...that should say something and set the tone for this live recording, The sound can be a bit murky at times but that merely enhances the heavy vibe. Enjoy!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Coloured Balls - First supper Last (1972) released 1976

Lobby Loyde

Hello folks time for some bonza Aus rock once again. This is my favorite Lobby Loyde album. It's from the Wild Cherries/early Coloured Balls era when Lobby and crew still had long hair and hadn't gone into sharpie mode with mullets and skinhead attributes.. not my scene at all. This is good solid Australian Heavy hard rock with that rock n roll flavour which makes it so special. Most of you have heard GTK (get to know) videos from ABC television on youtube with great cuts like Working mans boogie and Mama likes to rock n roll so you know what to expect. In the day in 1972 the record company didn't release this album due to quote "thinking it was too raw and heavy".. Well to my ears it's a well produced and clear with a distintive progressive rock edge, so I'm not buying into that argument. What I think was the case, was that the lyrics have sexual and drug themes that might have rocked the boat in conservative Australia of the day.. Musically this is good quality rock and kicks a serious punch. These 1972 recordings were finally released in 1976 at the height of the bands success, merely to cash in. For my money I prefer this album to their others anyday. Have a blast and Rock On !