Friday, October 17, 2014

Thunder And Roses - King Of The Black Sunrise (1969)

Hi ya all.. It's been awhile but don't worry we're back with  a blast. This is a kick ass album by a trio heavily into Hendrix and Cream.. We've heard that before.. These guys rivial those mentioned bands in premier musicianship and high quality sound and production. It's a mystery how these guys fell under the rader in the day.. Well in a sea of original acts, a tribute band kind of gets neglected.. But this is all killer or I'd would not have posted it. Enjoy it  Rock On 


  1. They sound incredibly like the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

  2. errr...... are you sure you don't mean "sound incredibly like the Cream"???.....if they were fronted with Leslie West....but that's definitely Ginger's clone back there and Jacks vocals are upfront on track 1. Red House starts off with someone yelling we're rolling and Burton Cummings comes on after the guitar intro.... and there are like hundreds of direct references to great rock bands and rock songs.....the strat sound is all Jimi what flattery what fun...thank you heavypsycheman

  3. "Dear Dream Maker" is such an amazing song, thanks!