Friday, November 27, 2015

Bulbous Creation - You Won't Remeber Dying (1970)

Time for a well overdue reposting of this underground Heavy Psychedelia classic. This album has been recently re-released by Numero Group and it is a worthy reissue. Raw basement sound, a dark vibe and stellar musical performances by an obscure band with talent.This is an original Rockadelic vinyl rip with some titles misspellt on the mp3.s Enjoy this gem and have a great midwinter and best wishes for the coming year.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Black Keys - Thickfreakness 2003

Hello everybody!  Here is the 2nd Black Keys album. If you thought the debut was heavy and good than this album won\t disappoint you either.  You get a Heavier more fuzzed out sound here yet with good songs and originality otherwise rare in the retro Heavy rock genre. Just turn up the volume n blast away. Rock On!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Fresh Blueberry Pancake - Heavy (1970)

Here you have a re-posting of this monster heavy psych rarity. Originally a demo album made in 54 copies. which now command big bucks and rightfully so because the music here is exellent. Both clear tone heavy psychedelic goodies and totally monsterous barbedwire fuzz numbers to peel the paint of your walls to speak. Well crafted songs that show what a talented band this was. Have a quality blast and enjoy. Rock On 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Black Keys - The Big Come Up (2002)

Heavy hipster time folks.. If you might have heard these guys newer post 2006 albums, you'd think what the fuck.. But unlike their later commerical pop rock albums, these guys had an extremely Raw and Lead Heavy early period that will appeal to the followers of this blog  (namely their first 3 albums of which I will post more in the future). This debut is raw Heavy and Bluesy with a strong solid raw late 60's early 70's Basement Heavy rock, Psych foundation. It's kinda like fans of this blogs music starting up a good band of their own. These 2 guys will blow ya socks off. It's got the Heavypsychman seal of approval. Have a raw Heavy blast folks

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Paul Ngozi - The Ghetto (1977)

Ja maan it's Afrika time once again.. We have featured the Heavy Chrissy Tembo album before which featured Paul Ngozi's guitar talents and here you basically have more of the same yet which a slightly different vibe. This is raw basement psych Heavy rock Zambia style which is damn good. Enjoy this rare goodie. Now go n listen and have a blast.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Negative Space - Hard, Heavy, Mean and Evil (1970)

Rob Russen blasting away on his 250W Baldwin solid state amp...

Hello you all! Heavy hot summer weeks ahead that need Heavy hard raw tunes and Negative Space provides them for you. Here is the extended Rockdrome reissue with extra tunes of which "Sunflower" rocks my boat in a major way. This is an underground classic great catchy tunes crude raw heavy sound with basement vibe. Yes Cheer, Cream, Hendrix yet with own strong vibe makes this a keeper. Theres the period light and Heavy thing going down as well. Have a blast! See you all!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Smokin ' Willie (1972)

Hello everybody, Here is the June installment from this blog for you all. It's a monstrous raw crude and Heavy cover band from Indiana USA, that will fry your minds and blow your speakers in a grand way. This album is still under the radar to speak,  so I'm here to spread the word. This is another example of a 1960's garage band adapting to newer Heavier times and the results are interesting and very satisfying. Have a crude raw blast. "Hot Blooded Mama" and "Get Ready" will blow you a way.

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Firebirds - Light My Fire 1969 (US)

Hello you all.. I have had many requests for a repost of this mindmelting Heavy psychedelic crude goodie' so here you go. Have a blast. Going through the mp3s I noticed the tracks are wrongly titled but you'll have to sort that out by yourselves. There is still no news on who the musicians are but the music is still a blast and a raw crude one as such. Hendrix, Cream, Cheer on maximum fuzz in the basement vibe and feel. To be honest that's what counts in the end anyway. Have a blast n as always Rock On!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Raw Blues Vol 2

Hello you all. Here is a new installment of Raw Blues. You get good original raw crude blues that will most definitely appeal to the listeners of this blog. Enjoy and have a great spring!

This compilation features raw songs by

John Lee Hooker
Lightnin' Hopkins
Muddy Waters
Robert Petway
Freddie King
Rev Gary Davis
Missisippi Fred McDowell
Tommy McClenan

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Heavypsych Explosion - Volume 12

Kaboooom time everybody.. Papa coming with a new dose of  soma foe you Heavy -maniacs..Yes Brave New World influnced quote (unfornutely the entertainment industry has that kind of role in our age of time so therefor I recommend everyone here to open their minds with a equal dose of Corbett Rapport podcasts to see and understand this bizare age of time we live in), But those things aside here you have another collection of  heavy quality goodies from the late 60.s/early 70's underground to blow your speakers and ofcourse your mind... Just press play and be blown a way.  Rock On!

Featured bands

Raw Meat
TNS (Take No Shit)
Damnation Of Adam Blessing
Los Commandos
Master Danse
The Punks
ZZ Top (pre Lp)
Paul Ngozi
The Jarvis Street Revue
King George Discovery

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Jarvis Street Revue - Mr Oil Man (1970)

Hello you all. Here is a heavy beast from Canada. These guys have a really heavy fat fuzz sound going down with a garage meets early progressive rock songwriting style. Lyrically these guys could be seen as forrunners to the enviroment movement or other activists such as The Zeistgeist movement etc. The music is varied and good and the vocals have a heavy ballsy edge. These guys need a lot more attention so spread the word. If the message resonates with you I have included a few activist books as well. Now crank up Mr Oil Man real loud!  Rock On.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Joshua - Opens Your Mind 1969 (Rockadelic Lp)

Lets start this year off with a blast.!. This band is still unfortunetly under the radar for reasons that I for one can not understand. You have a really H E A V Y band that has good songs and is as great as say Josefus and Stone garden to name a few. Folks have merely missed this killer album so I'm reposting it here on the blog (It's a vinyl rip of the Rockadelic album). This album needs a proper reissuing as well. Things have taken up for these rarer underground bands in the last years which is very encouraging. These guys were friends with Blue Cheer and could have with ease toured with them as a worthy act, probably even out playing Blue Cheer.... Well download it and spread the word and please feel free to use this music in your own blogs etc. Have a kick Ass 2015