Sunday, March 1, 2015

Heavypsych Explosion - Volume 12

Kaboooom time everybody.. Papa coming with a new dose of  soma foe you Heavy -maniacs..Yes Brave New World influnced quote (unfornutely the entertainment industry has that kind of role in our age of time so therefor I recommend everyone here to open their minds with a equal dose of Corbett Rapport podcasts to see and understand this bizare age of time we live in), But those things aside here you have another collection of  heavy quality goodies from the late 60.s/early 70's underground to blow your speakers and ofcourse your mind... Just press play and be blown a way.  Rock On!

Featured bands

Raw Meat
TNS (Take No Shit)
Damnation Of Adam Blessing
Los Commandos
Master Danse
The Punks
ZZ Top (pre Lp)
Paul Ngozi
The Jarvis Street Revue
King George Discovery


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  2. Listening to Vol. 11 - GREAT! Any chance to re-post Vols. 1 ~ 10? Thx!