Friday, May 1, 2015

The Firebirds - Light My Fire 1969 (US)

Hello you all.. I have had many requests for a repost of this mindmelting Heavy psychedelic crude goodie' so here you go. Have a blast. Going through the mp3s I noticed the tracks are wrongly titled but you'll have to sort that out by yourselves. There is still no news on who the musicians are but the music is still a blast and a raw crude one as such. Hendrix, Cream, Cheer on maximum fuzz in the basement vibe and feel. To be honest that's what counts in the end anyway. Have a blast n as always Rock On!


  1. Awesome stuff, indeed. Even if they were a fake band, they were really, really good.

  2. DUDE!!

    your heavypsych explosion 12 BLEW MY MIND!
    just downloaded 11
    was wondering if there is anyway to get the rest of them?
    and thank you so much for the Heavypsychmanblog !

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