Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Negative Space - Hard, Heavy, Mean and Evil (1970)

Rob Russen blasting away on his 250W Baldwin solid state amp...

Hello you all! Heavy hot summer weeks ahead that need Heavy hard raw tunes and Negative Space provides them for you. Here is the extended Rockdrome reissue with extra tunes of which "Sunflower" rocks my boat in a major way. This is an underground classic great catchy tunes crude raw heavy sound with basement vibe. Yes Cheer, Cream, Hendrix yet with own strong vibe makes this a keeper. Theres the period light and Heavy thing going down as well. Have a blast! See you all!


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  2. this has some really amazingly fantastic moments and the tunes are very good to jam along too....light and heavy thing going down oh yeah...all ears satisfying yo.

  3. Hi - like your blog. This download is a text file only, no music. Can you re-post? Thx!