Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Black Keys - The Big Come Up (2002)

Heavy hipster time folks.. If you might have heard these guys newer post 2006 albums, you'd think what the fuck.. But unlike their later commerical pop rock albums, these guys had an extremely Raw and Lead Heavy early period that will appeal to the followers of this blog  (namely their first 3 albums of which I will post more in the future). This debut is raw Heavy and Bluesy with a strong solid raw late 60's early 70's Basement Heavy rock, Psych foundation. It's kinda like fans of this blogs music starting up a good band of their own. These 2 guys will blow ya socks off. It's got the Heavypsychman seal of approval. Have a raw Heavy blast folks


  1. All these years later, and this is still my favorite album they have done. I wish they could just reel off another 2 or 3 albums just like this one. I understand that musicians like to move on, but I think they are always at their best when it is just Dan and Patrick with minimal production gimmicks.

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